If You've Received a NOTICE OF TRUSTEE Sale and have Run Out of Options We Can Still Help You.

Preventing and postponing the Trustee auction is your first necessity. Once your property is foreclosed on and is sold at the Trustee Auction either to a Third Party or back to the Beneficiary (bank) the action is nearly impossible to reverse.

Our Service Postpones the Trustee Sale 30 days at a time by disputing the legality of the Foreclosure and Trustee Sale. We challenge the trustee's ability to foreclose and require them to verify and prove they have followed correct and accurate procedures throughout the foreclosure process.

Since the trustee assumes all liability in the auctioning of the property the trustee will not foreclose on the property if there are potential state or federal violations pointed out to them prior to the Foreclosure Auction Sale Date.

Service Benefits Include:

  • Retain ownership and possession of your property
  • Ability to postpone the trustee sale multiple times
  • Gives you more time in your home to save your money
  • Frees you from having to scramble to find another place to live
  • Affordable - Less Expensive than most mortgage payments or rents
  • Postpone the foreclosure for as long as legally possible
  • Ensure your foreclosure proceedings are legal
  • NOT a bankruptcy or title transfer scheme
  • Non-Intrusive – Your lender is never contacted.
  • Will not interfere with a loan modificaiton or a short sale
  • Risk-Free – You pay nothing until we successfully delay the sale – no upfront fees

We protect homeowners threatened with a trustee sale. We work to delay the foreclosure process so you have the time to workout an equitable solution with your lender and/or stay in your home longer.

We uncover the mistakes made by banks and trustees in their attempts to fast track foreclosures and give homeowners the time they need to complete a solution that's best for them.


  • Contact us at least 48 to 72 hours before the Trustee Sale
  • It does not matter where you are located in California
  • It does not matter how far behind you are in payments
  • It does not matter whether or not you have declared bankruptcy in the past
  • It does not matter if you are severely under water on the property
  • It does not matter if it is an investment property
  • It does not matter if you have been turned down for a loan modification or short sale in the past


We will not bill you until the trustee sale is postponed for at least 30 days and have sent you proof of the postponement. You can confirm the trustee postponement at the trustee's website or calling the trustee to verify. The bottom line is that there are no upfront fees and you do not pay unless we successfully delay the auction.

Call us at 323-327-6829 and we will do everything we can to Stop Your Sale.


Disclaimer: This site does not give legal advice nor make any claims to be a law firm. The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Should you need legal advice and/or services, you should seek an attorney/law firm of your choice, or you should contact your local and/or State Bar Association. Every borrower has the right to dispute and properly validate that correct and legal procedures were employed by the lender/trustee in the foreclosure action. No advance fees are collected prior to the postponement of the trustee sale. No warranties or guarantees are given. A trustee sale postponement will not permanently prevent foreclosure. All clients realize that their lender can foreclose while in this service.

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